Mobile Communications

Main-Tel have agreements in place with all major UK networks and are able to offer bespoke tariffs to your requirements.

Business Mobile Phones

Mobile deals with no up-front cost

With Main-Tel you can have the mobile device you want without paying anything up-front for the handset.

How does it work?

We will roll the cost of the handset into your monthly charge meaning you have no up-front costs to pay. This will be clearly shown on your monthly invoice as one charge for your airtime (data, minutes and texts) and your handset charge (the cost of your phone or tablet, spread over the term of your contract). Splitting your bill like this means you know exactly what you are paying for each month.

Design and Consultancy

Getting the most from your business and technology in the 21st Century requires an understanding of not only the devices you choose to equip your office with, but how you choose to link them together.

Survey Teams & Engineers

Our Survey Teams & Engineers are experts in the design, installation and support of Telephone & Computer networks that can help you plan with the future in mind, linking your workstations, servers and other devices, both to each other and to the outside world.

Case Studies

Read about how we’ve supported business across the UK and EU with their
telecoms, IT, Data and Mobile needs.

Years in the Business


  • Horncastle have used Main-Tel for over 10 years as our telecom provider. Main-Tel staff take the time to understand your needs and this has resulted in all our projects going smoothly. I can’t recommend Main-Tel enough

    Horncastle Executive Travel
  • We have been a customer of Main-Tel’s for over fifteen years and have been very satisfied with the overall service, responsiveness, knowledgeability and friendliness of the staff

    UK Steel Enterprise Centre