The Customer

F.J. Booth Construction Ltd provides keys services including the design, fabrication and construction in the petrochemical, oil & gas, industrial, engineering, power generation, nuclear, biofuels industries and aviation. Current projects include Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport enhancements.

The Challenge

FJ Booth Construction came to Main-Tel wanting to review its existing Business communication system as the company had changed the way it operated. They wanted to streamline the way it received calls, answering them automatically allowing the company to be more responsive and allowing more calls to be routed directly to each department and to never miss a call.

Main-Tel worked closely with the Management team discussing their fundamental requirements and discussing what a modern telephony system can now offer straight out of the box.

Whilst undertaking this task as part of our audit we analysed all their telecoms services and call usage, once completed we came up with a comprehensive solution in terms of price and service offering.

The Main-Tel Solution

The Main-Tel solution was up to upgrade the current outdated telephone system to the current Panasonic KX-NS700 Unified Communications Telephony system. This system allowed calls to be answered automatically by a professionally recorded message directing the caller to the relevant department, if at any time this was unanswered the availability for the caller to leave a message which in turn was emailed to the relevant member of staff.

We closely considered their current telecoms capital investment and advised to retain the current Panasonic digital telephones as they would work perfectly well on the new system and in turn save the company spending money where they did not have too.


FJ Booth Construction now have a Unified Communication business telephone system future proofing their business communications for another 10 years+. The system is now professionally answering calls automatically & directing the caller quicker resulting in increased productivity.

FJ Booth Construction estimates that Main-Tel have saved them over 70% of their monthly telecoms bill compared to their previous telephone line supplier BT.

“Yes I would recommend Main-Tel they lowered our telecoms monthly bill by 70% and have supplied us with a professional phone system”

Years in the Business
Calls Routed via Main-Tel


  • Horncastle have used Main-Tel for over 10 years as our telecom provider. Main-Tel staff take the time to understand your needs and this has resulted in all our projects going smoothly. I can’t recommend Main-Tel enough

    Horncastle Executive Travel
  • We have been a customer of Main-Tel’s for over fifteen years and have been very satisfied with the overall service, responsiveness, knowledgeability and friendliness of the staff

    UK Steel Enterprise Centre
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