About Main-Tel

A Family Business
Spanning Four Decades

Main-Tel (NE) Limited was originally established in 1983 to supply telephone systems installation & maintenance to business following the deregulation of British Telecom.

The principal management team are all ex British Telecom engineers with over 125 years experience of the telecommunications industry.

The company has grown steadily from day one to become the company that we are today; a national supplier, installer and maintainer of business communication systems and services.

The Main-Tel head office is in the North East of England, with satellite offices in South East England. We have a dedicated team of engineers strategically located throughout the United Kingdom. This means we can be on hand for telephone systems installations no matter where in the UK you are.

Adapting to the
Pace of Change

At Main-tel, we are proud of our solid engineering base. Our client-facing team has proven skills in all key areas of unified communications, internet services, IT services and mobile services.
Main-Tel is not a company that is driven by sales – our passion is customer service and longevity in business relationships. In other words, we want to be your telecoms partner for the duration, supporting you with reliable telephone lines as your business grows and adapts to the fast pace of change.

Over the last few years the telecommunications industry has evolved to incorporate increased use of Hosted/Virtual cloud services and unified communications. We took the proactive approach of establishing a specialised Voice and Data convergence department to support emerging technologies such as Hosted Voice, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and SIP.

We have entered the age of the ‘Cloud’. Whilst communications evolves away from traditional telephony business system, here at Main-Tel we pride ourselves simplifying telecommunications and calling upon all of our experience in utilising the traditional with the new whilst keeping cost down and protecting investments.

Finding the Best
Fit for Your Business

Are you looking for fixed telephone lines or the flexibility of a hosted telephony service?

Main-Tel is fully manufacturer accredited as a dealer of Panasonic business telephone systems amongst others. Closed Circuit Television systems and IBM, Microsoft & HP data products and can offer a full bespoke system design and management service.  As part of the company expansion we established our own in house billing platform which allows us to offer substantial savings on line rentals and call tariffs to our clients.  We have dedicated billing specialists who can evaluate existing bills and design a bespoke tariff package to suit the needs of your business.

Proud of Our
Customers’ Loyalty

Customers that we currently provide service for include Her Majesty’s Government, The Armani Group, UK Steel Enterprise Business Centres – Corus (Formerly British Steel), Nuffield Hospital, Cleveland Cables, Nifco UK Limited, Primary Care Trusts as well as various Local Authority’s, Schools and Legal Establishments throughout the UK. We would be happy to provide references from any of these companies if required.

Some of our customers have been with us since the company was first established, and we are proud to say that over 90% of our business comes from recommendations.
We offer a free communications system evaluation and design service to enable us to offer a fully bespoke package to your business. We are able to provide a full no obligation demonstration of all our products and services if required.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it, take a moment to read what our clients’ say about us
when it comes to telephone systems installation, voice, internet, data and mobile services.

Years in the Business
Calls Routed via Main-Tel


  • Horncastle have used Main-Tel for over 10 years as our telecom provider. Main-Tel staff take the time to understand your needs and this has resulted in all our projects going smoothly. I can’t recommend Main-Tel enough

    Horncastle Executive Travel
  • We have been a customer of Main-Tel’s for over fifteen years and have been very satisfied with the overall service, responsiveness, knowledgeability and friendliness of the staff

    UK Steel Enterprise Centre